Devastating Light - "I Already Failed You" commentary and review

 Devastating Light "I Already Failed You" short review and video commentary

Today we're going to do a review of the band called devastating light, now I haven't done a review in quite a while. I used to do written reviews back in 2015 and then I completely stopped and just focused on concert photography. 

The Devastating Light the record it's called "I have already failed you". They reached out to me and wanted to do a review of the music. I'm just going to tell you that the group is really obscure so it's a diy post metal doom sludge band from Finland. Everything is played recorded mixed and mastered by Teemu Toikka who is a seasoned veteran of the punk scene in Finland. Devastating Light has stories to tell and the stories are all about the pain of existence in our modern time mental health issues and the effect that it has on a person and people around them.
The concept album about a man suffering from depression and becoming a father while the world is ending around him.

 The music explores feelings and not being ever doing enough in the fear of somehow passing on the disease to the child, is it even right to bring a child into this world that is a slow ending.
This project's birth felt like an absolute necessity the name Devastating Light describes how your depression seems to get worse at certain times of the year, in the fall when it gets darker and then it's almost no sunlight, during the day it makes sense that you're getting more depressed but during the spring the days get a lot lighter and somehow that seems to make the depression even worse, so when does it get better then.
 One of the songs states the dark consumes me the light destroys me, so let's get into it I'm going to listen to the first song then I'm going to come back and I'm gonna tell you about it as I listen to it all.

 The first one is titled Part one and by the way, this is this was released March 28th it was released on Planet K Records. Listening to it and first impression is very atmospheric. It's a slow build up then it gets heavier as it progresses but very melancholy, I really like what i'm hearing and you know it's also nice that I was provided with the lyrics to the song which is very helpful. I'll just read you a few the first sentences "we are destroyers without shame without restraint keep denying the obvious keep making weak excuses we are destroyers" so that's part one, it's around eight minutes long and I'm digging it so far, by the way the bass sounds really nice in here, it's not overproduced. I think everything sounds equally, all the parts are good, the drums, everything sounds very balanced and not too crazy.

 Song number two, this track has a lot of clean guitars towards the end, I like the distortion, it's not overly done it's just the right amount of distortion in the guitars. The vocals are more like screams, these sad screams indicative of the lyrics. I think it's fitting perfectly. I can read you a few of the lyrics here for Part Two "there is no self, no free will only neurons firing, currents flowing, we walk the earth like mindless drones" 

Song number three is almost 11 minutes long but wow very very well done. It has a lot of different moods, it slowly build ups it has these middle parts that are just sad and they really grab you and takes you to a very dark place. So many of people that are suffering from depression I think would definitely understand. I used to have some depression myself way back when I was young and kind of understand where a lot of it's coming from. The music itself is amazing and there are even some solos in this song so it's 11 minutes plus and I really enjoy it.

Video review here 

Listen to it on Bandcamp below


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