Beltane - Anode to Leviathan

A ten song BM experience produced in 2011 by Xanataph and released through Satanica. Coming from New Zealand and writing music since 1994. In The Semetary, is the first track -good riffs decent production, I like the vocals, I can understand the lyrics without having to reach for a lyric sheet. On a Winter's night, much more BM style vocals take this one, a faster paced track. The Celtic Song (Nelsonian Black metal Chroncle) took me by surprise, clean acoustic guitar, easy lyrics content builds into an aggressive composition. Up the Hills, great drums begin this one, although I feel better production would have brought them to the front better, either way its good. Good guitars, nice arrangement patterns. Beltane have also released five previous full length albums which include Jera, Jera 2, Through Darker Seasons, Darkhovse, Auld Toby and current album in 2012 Democide, not even mentioning a slew of EPs in between, there is a library of music to explore. Back to this album, now on song five Daemon Mysterium, we hear some dual vocals, plus it sounds more raw than the previous tracks. Nacht&Nobel, something different happening on this track with female vocals taking over, more keyboard oriented piece. Pillar Point, dark and eerie track, like the rising of demons from a bottomless pit. Evils Birth, yet another surprise, sounding a bit different, maybe because of the drums, but this track has a industrial type of feeling to it. not a bad thing since I can understand the creative aspects of well rounded musicianship. 
Anode to Leviathan, last song in my experience that is Beltane, it starts with keys, and builds a dark atmosphere to leave the listener wanting more. I recommend for fans of old/new school style of BM.
Physical publication in AEA zine #22
~Frank G.

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