End of 2022 and thanks for all the great interviews Happy New Year

 Special thanks to all the bands that parcipated in the interviews this year. I met so many great musicians from all over the world and they shared their unique experiences in a post-pandemedic world.

Special thanks to The Metallist PR for his contacts and contribution to the blog here. Also GrandSounds for pointing me in the right direction finding meany metal bands. I am grateful.

Moving forward I will make an attempt to write more personal blog post like this one and hope you might be interested in hearing about my day to day struggle to come up with content for not only this web page but a few others.

There will be more promos and photos coming up this year. I will also reach out to several people and try to get in as a guest writer to their sites and gain a some more viewership.

Thank you all if you ever made a comment or shared my interviews or pictures. It sure is an exciting time and certainly 2023 will be amazing and welcoming as this past year was.

Visit them at grandsounds.net

Thank you readers. Bands please visit The Metallist PR & Marketing to get your music out there

Visit them at https://www.themetallistpr.com/


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