Immortal Bird Live at Aragon Ball Room Chicago in Support of Emperor

This event was the best way to kick off the summer in Chicago. I got tickets for this event early on, about three weeks ago to be exact. I have had the opportunity to film and take pictures of Immortal Bird and wanted to catch them in a big venue. 

Normally I bring my main camera, the Canon T3i, to photograph a show but unfortunately on this day I had to go without it because of my travels. All I had with me was my phone so these next pics are not the best but I wanted to share them with you here.

On a side note; the tickets I purchased were from EventBite, they were at a low price of sixteen dollars compared to the initial price point if sixty per ticket. I had the printout and even had the QR code on my phone. When we got to the front of the line the scanner did not work. We ended up going to the box office and were told that these were not going to work. I had to spend one hundred sixty-four to buy new tickets and get into the show. Yes, a bummer but we got to enjoy he show after all. Earlier this afternoon I sent out for a refund. Let's see how it goes, I'll make an update on this soon.

The opening Immortal Bird band started at around 8:10. The majority of the folks were just arriving. The band delivered a good performance and I recognized some of the songs. Unfortunately, they mentioned about not having any merch due to the cost of setting up a table. So any fans looking to get CDs or shirts were ut of luck. I did notice some people looking up the band's music on Spotify. Hopefully, they gain some new fans because of the event.

Thanks for checking out the short article here. I will add Immortal Bird's link to their music right here so you can check them out. Bandcamp site

Next post will share pics of Emperor plus a short video from their set this evening.


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