Blood Of The Wolf live performance photos at Liar's Club 2023

 Hello and good evening. Tonight I'm adding a full set of photos taken by EvilVVitchSure at Liar's Club in Chicago. Liar's Club is located on Fullerton Ave. A tall building and the venue is on the main first floor. The place is also reputably haunted by a few tragedies that took place there in the distant past.

The photos are taken with Sony A6300 and a Canon 24mm lens at around six to ten feet distance. The lens is a prime lens which lens to the sharp image reproduction you can easily see in the photos. 

The camera RAW files were adjusted in LR6 stand alone version. I used a few Kodak B&W filter and some curves to give it a vintage look. Also performing this evening were the bands Angelust, Garoted and Ossuary.

There were a total of 119 and I slimmed it down to just 14 photos. In this post, however, I will archive all of them for my personal purpose to have an extra copy just in case I were to lose the HD. I really don't think something like that would happen but I need to add an extra place to save to.

I will also include cinematic footage from Marco Martell filmed in a cinematic mode. 

Be on the lookout for more videos and a few more photos of this event to be posted shortly in the next few hours. 

For the photos I took I could not get closer due to the tight quarters of the venue, however I managed a few and will add them to a separate post later on.


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