Bustum - Demonolosophy

Bustum is a two piece band, members are Demoniac - guitars & bass guitar / Nicor - vocals & drums. Music style is listed as, Black metal. Band location, Osijek, Croatia.

Demonolosophy album released on Iron County Records March 10 2016. It will be out on tape including a bonus song and new front picture and layout via Hungarian Iron County Records limited to 250 copies. First 33 will have an extra slipcase and logo pin as "die hard” version. Upon receiving this, my initial thoughts were, crushing and destructive black metal, something that kicks you in the face from the very beginning. As I listen visions of maniacal monsters raising out of the dead and bottomless pit. Ten songs with excellent production and intense drum sound, it cuts through prominently. The massive waves of malevolence are defined in every track. A good example of its brutality would be the song "Mist of Solitude", it presents a twisted vision. The dark portals are opened wide and many beast are set loose upon an unsuspecting world above.

In conclusion, delivery of raw and intense sounds can be experienced in each song. The tape format is sure to please the true underground metalheads and something tangible to archive and add to their collection. 



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