Bloodred - Nemesis

Bloodred is the sole project of Ron Merz and began in 2009. Music style is listed as, Epic Blackened Death. Band location, Oberstenfeld.

Nemesis album to be released on April 8th 2016. My initial thoughts, the sounds put forth are tremendous. The riffs are powerful and embodied the roots of Black/death metal in every passage. The drum performance on this recording is by Joris Nijenhuis, (Leaves ́ Eyes, Atrocity) and produced by Alexander Krull of Mastersound Studio. Comprised of eight songs, each producing savage brutality with high paced double kicks and aggressive blast/grind beats. A punishing work has being brought to life and it is bound to cause waves through out the underground metal world. 

I spent some time getting familiar with each composition. The album fascinates me in its delivery and structure of each riff. The songs that absolutely crushed my skull would undoubtedly have to be "The Hail Storm", it comes at you with strong and relentless attack and its ending structure is sure to make you want to jump into the mosh pit. The song "Collateral Murder" is another high on my list, reminiscent of classic b/m like Bathory, Belphegore, Gorgoroth and Mayhem.  

In conclusion, a full on assault of crushing and menacing black metal with creative guitar riffs that pack a lot of energy and create interesting hooks. 



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