Funeral Moth - Transience

Funeral Moth is a four piece band, members are Makoto Fujishima - Guitars, Vocals. Tomohiro Kanja - Guitars. Ryo Amamiya - Bass. Yuichiro Azegami - Drums. Music style is listed as, extreme doom. Band location, Tokyo/Kanagawa, Japan.

Transience album released on Weird Truth Productions March 13th 2016. Taking a slight break from all the death/black and grind promos recently sent to me, I come across some really good doom metal from Japan. Funeral Moth delivers some penetrating and haunting music with this second release. Only two tracks and they are very captivating. On long travels, I can lend my full attention and let the rhythms permeate inside my head. The first song "Transience" is about twenty one minutes long. Its journey begins with some simple an effective melodies and creeps along until bringing you to the brink of desolation. Coming from a background that is mostly death metal in the bands I perform in, I can only imaging the amount of concentration it must take to hold a melody or rhythm for such a long time. It is truly in its own realm and I can appreciate what these musicians do. Without a doubt the most captivating song for me is the second track "Lost", this one in particular,  is monumental. The arrangements lead the listeners through many realms and lead to a grand ending which really caught my ears by surprise. The strings, as you might expect, are very low tuned, adding that certain doom character that resonates constantly through out the menacing rhythms. 

In conclusion, music that conjures up images of sorrow and desolation. Long and distant trips through dark corridors. The band lives up to the extreme mood and ambience of doom and the huanting feelings will be hard to remove once you experience this album.



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