One Mind Ministry exclusive interview

 1- Hello and welcome to Metal Music Midwest, first off, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, could you give our readers a brief description of the group?  Where is the band from?

We started in 2009 as a totally different band compared to today. It was in a time where all that thrash Revival was going on but we were more influenced by the death metal / Core bands by that time. Since then the whole Crew except me (kaos) has changed. Quite early Havoc joined the band, that was the starting Point where the whole guitar work and everything went into a Black metal direction.

2- Gates of Time is the band's (first etc) full album, how long did it take to write?

It´s the first full Album, we had an EP out before but that isn´t comparable to today´s sound. The Songs have been out there for a while and we played them live already. It took a Long time to finish the Album because we where also involved in other bands and had always our Problems completing the line up. I was Always the opinion, that we don´t want to record an Album without beeing able to perform it live due to missing members.

3- What musical influence inspires the bands compositions?

I don´t want to make a list now but surely I can tell there are a lot of 2nd wave of black metal bands from the 90´s (mainly from europe) as well as death metal bands from that period.

4- The group started in 2010, can you tell us how did you all meet?

Since I am the only one from that dudes that´s left, I think it doesn´t make too much sense here to talk about that.

5- The new album title is Gates of Time, can you give us details about the content and more in depth meaning to this title?

The Album is not a Concept Album, so the Album title was Chosen acc. To the track „Gates of Time“ that already existed. The artwork I found and that was created by northemart was definitley the perfect match and finally inspired me to do so.

The track Gates of Time is About the world between this world and the other side. Imagine sights of those dead souls drifting into the endless cosmos.

6- Each member of this project is part of another band, how do you maintain a  good balance working together?

Being part of other bands is also a great creative Input, it keeps you always „fresh“ in your mind and lets you always have another Point of view on the things you do and you always learn from each other, in all aspects, musically, business wise and so on…

7- Have you performed any shows in your area? if so, how receptive and supportive are the people to your music?

That´s hard to tell, there are Always some People and some other bands that are supportive and that are your Friends but very often there is some uncool competition going on. In the end you always have to rely on yourself.

8- Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

We have a bunch of Shows at the end of the year here in Germany, that are supposed to be our release Shows.

9- Thanks for your participation, finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the band, in case someone wants to book or promote the band? 

Thanks for having us. You can send us Messages by Facebook, Instagram or by Email, don´t be shy:


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