A Transylvanian Funeral - Gorgos Goetia

My introduction to A Transylvanian Funeral begins with the opening track "Cold Blood and Darkness" gritty and raw to the bone production is apparent from the first riffs.This is a one man project from Tucson, Arizona. Arranging and composing all the instruments is not an easy task and add recording plus production, this is one busy man. Having said that, I admire the talent and devotion it takes to create this music. Pure raw underground sounds from the darkest corner of hell. With two other releases under his belt, self titled debut in 2009 and "The Outsider" 2010. After listening to the last release, this new album has a much broader perspective than the drum machine oriented tracks. "The Supreme Rite of Transmutation" reminds me of early The Abyss or Emperor, impressive vocals. "Fear" some great bass lines can be experienced on this song as well as some memorable passages. "Mars Exalted in Capricorn" its straight forward unpolished hymns is what give this music the unique feel, all the small glitches add something to it. Dark cosmic elements in lyric content intertwine with a few samples of malevolent forces. This album will be out in March 2013 through Forbidden records, be sure to also check out his other releases. I highly recommend this album for fans of true BM style and much respect for Sleepwalker who has put much effort in every aspect of the album.

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