Fiends At Feast - Towards the Baphomet's Throne

This is a five piece BM band from South bay area town of Santa Cruz, CA. The album cover is simple and embellishes the style of the compositions. Formed in 2008 and have an EP "Shadows of Extinction" in 2011. This new album is released by HPGD. We start of with a hellish intro leading us into the first track "After the gates of Hell" the raw BM style is evident from the first riff. With Blood and Vomit, some good harmonies on the guitars for this track and some interesting solos. I Am Death, I hear some interesting bass lines on this particular song. Walls of Worship, sick and shrieking vocals envelope chant like chords feeling the darkness of this track. From hell they Rise is probably my favorite track on this album it kind of reminds me of early Samael or Bathory, haunting and depressing guitar licks make this one to be remembered. A Despondent Theme to My Own Demise, well this was a very nice surprise, some good guitar melodies bring you to a dark catacomb in hell, very interesting to have this as part of the entire composition which also shows that they can achieve other musical compositions. Profecia Negra, spanish for Black Prophecy, this is song is good to headbang to, its got some fast and brutal riffs. Cold Grey Sky, is the last track, overall a very good BM experience, considering they are fairly new, I look forward to what they create in the future. I highly recommend this album for fans of old school style of BM and there is much to explore in Fiends At feast.

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