Manilla Road - Mysterium

Manilla Road has a long history of writing music and many albums to prove it. They released their first album in 1979 and have done countless shows over the decades. You can indulge in their rich history by visiting the official site Manilla Road Official site. It is a very well done site which seems to be maintain properly and full of information on the band. I could sit here and talk endlessly about all their accomplishments but I really want to concentrate on the their current release Mysterium. It is been released under Shadow Kingdom Records and starts of with "The Grey God Passes" the production is simple and cuts straight to the bare bones of the music itself, I enjoy this aspect, because of the fact that now days musicians have so many tools at their disposals that today's recordings are way overproduced having several layers of guitars, gates, etc.. I feel overproducing takes away from the music and looses originality as you continue to create digital copies of the original riffs. Having said that, I appreciate the simple quality and allows me to feel the music in its raw form. "Stand Your Ground" comes in with some aggressive drums and involved guitar licks. "Hermitage" reminds me of early Black Sabbath or Thin Lizzy. Hallowed be Thy Grave, interesting vocal style and content, I enjoy the fact I can understand all the vocals which is a rare thing to find in metal. The Fountain will be a classic, probably one of my favorite tracks from this album not only the content but the music is etched into my brain, it is a truly unique piece. Mysterium is the last track, a great way to end a unique experience and having enjoyed a long history of musicianship in all these songs. Look for Manilla Road on the Maryland Deathfest for this year as well as many other live events they have planned.

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