Rotting Away - Rise from Decay

Here is a very interesting album for all you to investigate. Rotting Away is a Father/Daughter DM band from Reynosa, Mexico. They are brand new, got started in 2012 and released "Walking Dead: Infestation" one song C-DR demo released early 2012. Rise of Decay is a four song demo. All vocals are done by Iris Aguillon which are very impressive, you would not even realize its a young female creating such brutal low guttural sound. Guitars/Bass and Drums are composed by the father Uriel Aguillon  from the band Gutwrench. "Within Thy Curse" starts of with some interesting drum fills and low bass sound which is good.
Beholding The Horror reminds me of old Sepultura sound like Morbid Visions or Schizophrenia, when the solos come in they sound very well thought out, clear and imaginative. The Soul-absorbing Void, considering there are only two people handling the writing process, these compositions are very involved. Rise from Decay is the final track, I am left with the feeling of wanting to hear more, I really enjoy the solos, for being a demo this one one has good production, everything is audible, every instrument is balanced and easy to hear. I look forward to what the future holds for this project and hope they can perform live at some point and time. Check them on FB and Reverbnation on the links below this review, give them your support.

Rotting Away FB
Rotting Away RN


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