Oceans of Slumber - Aetherial

A five piece band from Houston, TX. This is a self release. My first impression is, these are well studied musicians, the bands that come to mind as I listen to this album are Dream Theater, Gojira, early Strapping Young Lad or Opeth. There are many elements withing the music, giving my mind much to explore. Production quality is excellent, everything is well balanced and clear. Starting in 2010 the band has a sound that would make you think they have been doing this for much longer. "Memorian" hits some amazing riffs that make the listener feel as though they are traveling through a void in space. "Remedy" if you want to hear how progressive this music can be, this track has many elements, from melodic, grind, atmospheric just to name a few. Oceans of Slumber is a band that really has to be experienced to be able to comprehend their style, one thing for sure they have their own element happening, once you hear one of their songs you know is them. 'Only A Corpse" don't let the title fool you, no death/grind here- melodic/progressive arrangements and excellent vocals make this song one of my favorites from this album. "Aetherial" low, aggressive, drudge opening- followed by a deep dark journey into an abyss of atmospheric melodies. "Primordial" drums play many different dynamics and vocals hit a BM style on this particular track. Many genres are captured in the entire composition and done in a way so that is coherent and fluid. 

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