Red Tide Rising - Inferno

Red Tide Rising hails from Douglas County, Colorado. Inferno is the debut EP. From the moment I start listening to this album, the production quality is impressive. I was very surprised to find out it was recorded and produced by the bands guitar player Andrew Whiteman, who was 19 at the time of production. This will be my first introduction to the band. Starting with "Unholy" playing through my stereo. They labeled themselves Hard Rock but listening to the guitars there is an element of much heavier influence. The vocals are clean yet deep, I can't really find anything to compare them with, which is a good thing. Matthew Whiteman vocal talent is excellent you can hear the level of his experience in the song "Finding Home" which has become one of my favorite tracks. There is a much deeper meaning to this album beyond the music, portion of sales from the track "Finding Home" go to The Suicide Prevention Organization. This resonates with many young people struggling through depression and also resonates with me in my own personal experience growing up with depression. I must speak on the solo work, the riffs create their own voice of emotion, fitting in perfect harmony at all the right moments, again the production is amazing, achieving this great guitar sound is difficult even in most studios but it has been done on this album with perfect clarity. The title track "Inferno" hits a positive vibe on how to overcome the struggles of depression, we get to hear some dual vocals in the chorus line which are very cool. RTR have shared the stage with "In This Moment" "Soil" and "My Darkest Days" to name a few. With so much already accomplished and being a young band, the future looks like an open horizon of possibilities for RTR. Look for their latest album "The Rising" by visting them on FB. 

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