Celtachor - Nine Waves from the Shore

Formed in 2007, Celtachor roots from Dublin, Ireland. A five piece ensemble with many talents fused to create some intense, deep and well thought out arrangements of Irish Blackened Folk metal. At the moment listening to their album on Celtachor Bandcamp. This is a pleasant surprise for me as the first track The Landing Of Amergin takes me into these musical escapes. The thing that captures my attention is the use of the flute or whistle as its stated on the bands site. It is well placed and fits the other instruments very well. The Battle of Tailtin emerges you in a war like atmosphere, like an ancient fight of intense proportions, if I knew something about Irish mythology I could elaborate further but I do not, so I will go based on my musical instincts and the lyrics that are provided. The Kingship of Bodb Dearg, an enchanting alluring composition, with so many different instruments you have to admire the production quality as everything is clear and well balanced through out. Sorrow of The Dagda, with clean acoustical precision beautifully arranged to come into this opus topping at almost 11 minutes and never a dull moment. An intriguing tale of murder a sorrowful journey of father and son, it keeps the listener intent with intrigue. Tar eis an Sihed, this track is probably my favorite, an instrumental of vast escape, a musical road for your mind to paint, the guitars and whistle fused in perpetual artistry, its is amazing to say the least. Conn of the Hundred Battles, unleashing the fury of ancient armies the drums storm in, the guitars create some very interesting harmonies on this song. Anann Ernmas Daughter, is the last song, its fast and brutal, fitting as this track is about the Goddess of Battle- Anann. This album has many layers to indulge any listener and much more if you take the time to read the lyrics, very involved in the content of the stories and fits perfectly in conjunction with their style. I highly recommend this album as there is much to explore in Celtachor.

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