Piranah - Crashing Down

Metal band Piranah just released a new album, "Crashing Down". Chris Higgins (Drums) was kind enough to let me check out a few tracks from it. So I am cranking up the volume and prepare myself for some intensity. Crashing Down is the title track, great production, guitars sound even and solid, vocals are easily understood which is a great quality to have since I don't have to dig for a lyric sheet. Next up is "Awaken The Dream", bass is doing some really cool riff work, it sticks in my head right away, its always cool for me to hear a bass player (Thorin Milliken) doing more than just hold a rhythm, very involved and enjoying the clarity of his bass sound. Snake Crawl, is an instant jam, some awesome dual vocals in the chorus part, I am definitely diggin it, nice solo towards the end. The band is from Nashville, TN and have shared the stage with Overkill, Warbringer, and Sacred Reich. Drug War comes in with a drum assault that will have the crowed slamming and headbanging from the moment they hear it. Thinking about what bands to compare them too, but they really got their own vibe happening, Pantera, early Motorhead or Anthrax are the closes I can think of. "Solid Ground" vocals do remind me a bit like Dee Snider for a minute but they do hold their own signature. A slamming track with very interesting changes, bass and guitar do some complex interchanges on this song. I recommend this album to all true metal lovers, I hope they come around my area because it would be great to see their live performance.

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