Eastfrisian Terror - Leever dod as slaav'

Formed last year in November, Eastfrisian Terror comes from Northern Germany. This EP is available on Eastfrisian Terror Youtube My first impression is wow, very cool death metal happening here, I am reminded of Terrorizer or Mortician. Excellent vocals - very high to low range with some brutal drums assaulting the senses. The first song "Leever Dot As Slaave" comes in grinding and then into some clean guitar which is a nice surprise to me. The title track has some nice mosh stomping riffs that will have the pit rolling for live situations. I can hear a Brutal Truth influence on these tracks but with a much higher level of production quality. Eala Frya Fresena, the last track, great style of composition, like the kind I grew up listening to when I was a kid, enjoying it very much, the drums are clear -guitars raw a guttural and vocs delivering low punishing assault. If you enjoy this you might also be interested in the other projects Tears of Decay Truth of Blood Anasarca and Necrobiosis
I highly recommend this EP for fans of old school grind death metal.

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