TenDead - Return of The Ancient

Very happy to introduce my readers to TenDead. They are a three piece band from Omaha, Nebraska. The album starts with "Government" the guitar sounds great, so deep, yet clear and brutal. Next up is the title track Return of The Ancient, its got a creepy spine tingling intro that builds into a low guttural composition. Eyes of the Son, I hear a Neurosis influence to this, vocals are perfect for the low tuned guitar and bass. Nephilim, is probably my favorite so far, some really sick lyrics and mosh stomping riffs. System Breakdown, what an awesome jam, found myself headbanging for a bit, I am reminded of Down or early Crowbar. Our Truth, splendid guitar harmonies spread all over this song, great drums driving this monster track. What is A Lie, toms and double kicks are massive at the start leading us into a very catchy chorus. Gold, sounds somewhat different like it was recorded at a different time, not a bad thing just more raw than the other more polished tracks, in this track the vocals hit a death metal style low, its good to hear such deep guitar and bass maintain clarity, at those levels is hard to achieve in production TenDead does it well. The New, this is the last song in my listening adventure of this album, a very nice surprise as it starts with a clean guitar and instantly I am grabbed by how well the vocals compliment this vast layer of harmony. Overall I am impressed by this album, there is so much to be explored, with a few surprises to have all listeners interested. I recommend it for fans of Down, Neurosis, Crowbar or old Black Sabbath.

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