Heidra - Sworn to Vengeange

Sworn of Vengeance is a three song EP released in 2012 by Viking metal band Heidra. They come to us from Copenhagen, Denmark. There are six members and we start with "Kinsmen" I am reminded of DragonLord for some reason, until the vocals come in then you can hear a BM influence right away. The music has multiple layers and highly talented musicianship. Sworn to Vengeance, for me having only little experience listening to viking metal other than the mainstream bands out there, I must say I am really enjoying all the aspects being explored in these songs. Where Darkness Dwells has a captivating beginning followed by some deep felt guitar riffs, there are some keys evident but are done in a way that are subtle and compliment this song perfectly. Later we can hear how complex and involved this drummer can be, I hear some very interesting dynamics, my only complain is that there is not more songs to listen to. A great EP to experience and I recommend it for fans of FinnTroll or Ensiferum. 

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