Logic of Denial - Atonement

Atonement is the second full length album by DM band Logic of Denial. I finally got my chance to listen to this album and really wrap my brain around all the songs. The production is top notch, mastered at the well known Hertz Studios, who have done albums by Vader, Hour of Penance, Decapitated and more. Daniele Costa is playing precision rhythms and lightning fast double kicks on these tracks, very impressive sound and dexterity. Vocals are done by Mattia Gatti, plus a few other guest vocals by Claudio Miniati (Sickening) and Mariano Soma (Septycal Gorge). Brutality abound, aggressive passages and deep lyrical content. Guitarist Alessandro D'Antone does some amazing solo work and its got a clear warm sound when you hear it, its distinguishable. Good chops, chunky fills and sweeping arpeggios show a high level of skill. What I enjoy the most is the triplet mosh style modes that are done from time to time, not to much that would get tiring but just enough to make the songs distinct, a perfect example of this can be found on the song Apocrypha. The music never lets up from assaulting your ears with intense musical compositions. Oracles of Iniquity is by far my favorite track of the entire album there is much exploration in dynamics as far as the drums go and you can experience it at its fullest on this song. The album will go up in the halls of brutality along side some of the best ones. My only personal opinion is that there are a few movie samples in some songs which I have heard before in other albums by different bands and I am not much for listening to samples, I am more interested in the music, but that's just my own personal opinion. I highly recommend this for fans of intense, involved and technical death metal.

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