Lecherous Nocturne - Behold Almighty Doctrine

If you are looking for intense brutality with technical diversity then Lecherous Nocturne is the band you want to be listening to. LN "Behold Almighty Doctrine" is the latest album released through Unique Leader who also have many talented bands under their banner. The band has been creating their brand of brutality since 1997 and have perfected their craft to bring you eleven songs of pure mind bending face stomping death metal. Their last album "The Age of Miracles Has Passed" gain them much exposure through out the metal world and many shows to support their efforts. Continuing in this path of success the first track of the album Ouroboros Chains comes in with extreme onslaught of double kicks and riff frenzy setting the stage for the madness that's to come. Bring the Void, has some interesting mind altering riffs that defy comprehension yet achieve a level of brutal understanding that only LN fans have come to grasp. Archeopterix, has some cool mosh riffs, I can picture a hellish pit building up in a live atmosphere when I hear this track. Those Having Been Hidden Away, if you want to experience how talented the drummer (Alex Lancias) is, then this track has the dynamics that most musicians can only dreams of, with exact precision and speed that never drops in tempo, machine like technicality is the best I can describe, amazing. This is followed by a keyboard track "Prelude No. 2" that sounds like a mad genius still wearing the straight jacket and able to obtain a certain madness of notes. Lesions from Vicious Plagues, what a title and music will blow you away, Chris Lollis does an incredible job of obtaining brutal, guttural vocals and still retaining clarity as well as a unique sound that stands diverse from most death metal vocals. Creation Continuum is the last track before the Outro, it slows down enough to let your mind wrap around what you have just experience. The album is a testament to the bands progression to created complex, brutal, diverse and highly talented death metal. The album is bound to make big waves in the death metal world and will be hard to top. 

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