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Issue #21 of Autoeroticasphyxium features interviews with Amethyst Wynter, Dark Desolation, Divided We Stand, From The Eyes Of Erra, Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza, I Will Kill You, Lateless, Markradonn, Moonhoar, Mummified, Netherion, Sickness In The System, Tragederia and WarClown. Also featured in the new issue: Reviews by Tony Reborn Juarez (Reborn From Ashes zine), Daniel Ryan (Transylvanian Forest e-zine), Twan Sibon (Brutalism radio) and Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual zine). Poems by Berenice Wakefield, Daina Lewis, Goddess Rosemary, Jerry Langdon, Jillanna Babb, Kaya Chaos, Peter Hall, Rich Orth, Skitz J. Fitch and Steven Michael Pape. Fiction by Alexander Kautz, G.L. Giles and Venger Satanis. Art by Alexander Kautz, Angel Imanuel, Frank Garcia and Jay Peralta. Articles by Goddess Rosemary. Plus a modeling shoot exclusive for AEA of Cat Aclysm (photos by Gerard DeMuro R.I.P.) $4.00 or free with trade.


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