Demented Sanity - Legacy

Self release full length album "Legacy" September 2013 by Metal band Demented Sanity from Tel Aviv, Israel. Members are: Vocals - Yanir Tearosh, Guitar - Ariel Papa, Drums - Ran Shenkerman, Bass - Tomer Shvili. 

The album starts with "Blackout", catchy intense riffs set the pace. Solid and clean production. Vocals are aggressive but retain enough clarity to discern the lyrics. "Shell", some of the bands that come to my mind while listening to this track are groups like The Haunted, Lamb Of God, Devil Driver, Chimera, Pissing Razors, and Heaven Shall Burn. "True Salvation", melodic riff leads us into heavy assault of double kicks and mosh driven arrangements. "Indifference", a true head banging experience filled with lots of modern metal style of composition. There is also some good blending of clean and low vocals that is well executed and fitting, will have to say this song is my favorite thus far. "Nightmare", rather complex in its delivery with the drums exhibiting very interesting rolls and fills followed by killer slamming guitar riffs. "Calling Inside", eerie and dark setting opening, the song creates a heavy yet engaging melody that will stick in my mind for a time to come. "Chains Of Gold", interesting title, this track waste no time and gets straight to the attack. Brutal assault to the ears and features a catchy solo towards the ending. "Unpunished", very tight and elaborate passages, I can envision many fists pumping in the air for this track in a live atmosphere. The closing song and title track "Legacy", this composition brings together all the elements from the previous songs and leaves us wanting more, it is an epic performance with a variety of style, heavy, brutal, modern and intense. This album also feature some guest performances by Ryan Knight from The Black Dalia Murder, Jon Howard from Threat Signal. 

In conclusion, the album has great production and delivers heavy punishing metal of high octane. It is available for free streaming on the band's official website be sure to also visit them on FB


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