The Dead Good - Thirteen Polaroids

Thirteen Polaroids is a self released EP on May 2013 by German-Italian band The Dead Good. Currently residing in LA. Members are Isabella Knight, Sonny Lanegan. Genre described as rock, alternative, noise and raw punk rock. 

The first track is Junk Nation. The intro seems like it would be an industrial type of song but then heavy sludgy guitar riffs begin, you start to feel a heavy rock aspect. There are dual vocals on this composition and have a unique quality that immediately sticks in your mind. Isabella's voice reminds me early Lita Ford or maybe even a slight L7 style. Comparisons are slight, her voice has a certain vibe that's pleasing to the ears. Sonny's voice is a perfect match, when the two are joined you get a distinct quality that is in its own realm and style. "Saw, Drills, and Glue Guns", heavier guitar riffs on this one, catchy verses. The song crosses from hard rock to metal at certain measures. "Room 106", the arrangements of this song can appeal to a vast audience. Simple but very effective at its delivery. At times feels psychedelic in nature, I will have to say this is my favorite so far on the EP. "Crush", bass is a dominant instrument through out, mesmerizing and enthralling. "I Put A Spell On You", I get a sense of the Blues coming across in all its vibes. "Through My Bones', is the closing track, I would say I hear Nine Inch Nails influence in the opening riffs. I enjoy the way the guitar effects are layered on top of the measures at the right moments without going overboard. A great way to close this memorable trip.

In conclusion, I was surprised at how well the vocals complimented each other. The music is catchy and can easily be digested in several genres (Rock, blues, metal, hard rock and pop). Being the debut EP, this duo seems to have a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to hearing more songs or even catching a live performance..


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