Deals Death - Point Zero Solution

A Spinefarm Records release September 13 2013. Point Zero Solution is a full album release by melodic DM band Deals Death from Gothenburg. Members are Olle Ekman - Vocals, Erik Jacobson - Guitar, Sebastian Myrén - Guitar, Fredrik Ljung - Bass, Janne Jaloma - Drums

The first and title track Point Zero Solution starts us off. Epic and captivating intro. Solid recording. Facing The Echoes has a catchy and memorable keyboard composition that's fast and precise in its delivery. Escalation, guitars churning out heavy and creative passages that will have the mosh pit moving in an instant. "Flatline", this song is aggressive and destructive. Some of the bands that come to my mind are Hypocrisy, Children of Bodom, and Bloodshot Dawn. Passion For Infinity, epic and enthralling, the mix between keys and guitars are excellent. Well thought out arrangements in each measure. "The Separation", every instrument have huge sound and comes through with crystal clarity. managing to engage the listener from moment to moment with loosing any intensity. "Paramount Authority", this track has a traditional style of DM from straight forward brutality to thundering double kick work that will make you want to punch things. "Beyond Reason", one of the things I enjoy about this band is their ability to blend both brutal and melodic riffs in such of way that none of the songs ever get boring, there is a perfect chemistry between the two. "Dark Dreams Dawn", the drums are dominant through out but they come blazing in on this track, Janne Jaloma is a solid performer, keeping interesting dynamics and delivering precise aggressive double bass kick work in each composition. Author of Arts, is the final song in my listening journey, all the elements come together to assault the senses and leave me wanting more.

In conclusion, this is an excellent album. Fans of melodic and classic DM will sure to find something to enjoy in each song. be sure to also check out their previous release Internal Demons self release in 2009,  "Elite", in 2010.   


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