Scalpel - Sorrow and Skin

Sevared release September 3 2013 - Sorrow and Skin by Scalpel DM band from Boston, MA. Members are Taylor Brennan - Guitars/Vocals, Manny Egbert - Guitars/Vocals, Tom Devane - Bass, Chip Fay - Drums.

The opening track Ripe, wraps its claws around my ears immediately, no hesitation of brutalization, straight to the assault. Deep guttural vocals aggressive low tuned guitar tones. "Gutmulch", the snare drum rips through like a machine gun. "The Woodsman", many bodies in the pit is the vision I get while listening. Grinding bliss, chaotic exchange of vocals -guttural lows interchange with highs. "The Black Juices", an interesting track, like a mix of early Meshuggah and Gojira with low destructive guitars. "Skullscraper", killer sounding bass riff introduces this monster. An unassuming start, like a slow mosh brewing and building into crushing death. "Mincemaster", one of my favorite tracks. Memorable, catchy verse and chorus. On this particular song another band that comes to my mind is The Berzerker. "Sentinels of Severed Flesh", huge title and would make a sick horror film too. Relentless with its attack. Grinding sliding type of riffs with battering double kicks, this is a "take no prisoners" type of aggression, well executed. "Sorrow and Skin", title track, very different introduction, clean guitar with an eerie atmosphere building into a maniacal style composition. Once the drums come in, you know you will probably start punching and kicking your way back into the slam. "Unspeakable", grabs you by the throat and  batters your senses. Slamming projectile of the highest intensity, many elaborate arrangements and time changes done at a high rate of speed. The final entry in this chaotic adventure is "The Exterminator-Human Slaw", be prepared it is the sound of a saw or some sort of other device and goes on for about eight and half minutes, some people might like it an some will not. As an abstract sound and in conjunction with the title- it fits. 

In conclusion, the album is most definitely "BRUTAL" in every sense of the word. Grinding, tearing, and ripping through your ears, mangling your brains till they are oozing out of your nose. I recommend for fans of DM, Grindcore, Slam, and all things guttural. 



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