Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ashes of the Forgotten - Dark Aeons

Ashes of the Forgotten is a four piece band from Dallas, TX. Members are TJ - Vocals, Conner- Guitar, Chase - Guitar, Tony - Drums, Max - Bass. Genre is described as Extreme Metal/Death Metal/Deathcore.

Dark Aeons EP released under ATP records on April 19 2014. A solid production. Heavy and distinct guitar tones, crushing bass rhythms, strong drums and low to mid guttural vocal ranges. The opening track "The Void", grabs my interest right away, an eerie melodic piece. Keys with an over-layed storm sample is very well composed and memorable. Simple and effective writing style, no over complex rhythms. Hints of Lamb of God or Meshuggah in a few of the tracks but they keep their own flavor happening through out. 

Although I enjoyed the entire ep, some of the more stand out songs for me would have to be "Forty Two", for its catchy rhythm and stomping bass lines, it makes you want to headbang and punch things. Depraved Awakening, for its fast and devastating feeling, I really enjoyed the double kick work being projected by drummer Tony on this particular song. I also liked the dual high and low vocals verses, they are well placed and easy to remember. In conclusion, the ep is a great debut for the band and they have much to offer from heavy to melodic compositions, you are bound to find something to please your ears in each song. I look forward to what they will create in the future. Be sure to check out their music at ashesoftheforgotten.bandcamp ~Artemortifica.


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