Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cuff - Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere

Cuff is a two member project from Oshawa, Ontario. Members are Bob Shaw - Vocals & Samples, Zach Smith - All Music. genre is described as Sci-fi Slam grind.

Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere released on Nov. 18 2014 under Gore House Productions.
In terms of production, its a solid slab of brutality, strong guitar tones both in level and balance, bass is punchy and upfront. Good drum sound and vocals are extremely guttural, dirty and sludgy and fit the content perfectly. Lots of sci-fi samples and horror screams galore. 

Think of those rare horror movies like Creepezoid, Night of The Comet, Nightbreed and add a bunch of cannibal raving aliens and you might come close to what is being projected by the music. I enjoyed the entire album but some of the more stand out songs to me would have to be Through the Ergosphere, it reminds a bit of the film From Beyond, when that monster thing first appears in the room with slime and shit falling from it, the opening to this song reminds me of the that, its followed by some slamming riffs that makes me just what to punch everything in sight, there are also some cool solos to experience in this song too.  Transfusion of Bodily Fluids, for its eerie and catchy clean guitar lines, spine trembling and disgusting but in a good way. Breeding Diverse Entities, a great name, as if Godzilla was mating with a UFO and making twisted inbreds, well, at least that's what the intro sounds like to me. Gorging on the Sacred Carrion, deep low vocals start this one and there are some catchy verse riffs. I also enjoy the double bass kicks on this song. Not sure how the vocalist sings that low but it sounds great with the music. In conclusion, a pure slab of raw brutality in all its devastation. Fans of gore, horror, sci-fi and slam grind metal will want to add this one to their collection. ~Artemortifica


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