Nadir - The Sixth Extinction

Nadir is a five piece doomcore/death metal band from Hungary, members are 
Ferenc Gál-Bass, Szabolcs Fekete-Drums, Norbert Czetvitz-Guitars, Hugó Köves-Guitars, Viktor Tauszik-Vocals. FB link here facebook-Nadirhungary

The Sixth Extinction album released thru Grimm Distribution and NGC Prod.
Here we have nine songs that will transport you to another dimension. An assortment of heavy and melodic passages with dissonant tones that will delight your ears. With crushing riffs living up to the doom element they describe. Its bound to give you a boost.
Very well produced. The melodic parts combined with dual vocals are a good blend. You can hear it in songs like "Along Came Disruption" and "Fragmented". The band has crafted a very defined process to their method of writing with this album. And overall it is well executed.

In conclusion, building on a long span of music since 1993, this new record delivers powerful songs that are both supremely heavy and melodic at the same time.

See more reviews and info in the video below 


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