Taiga - Cosmos

Taiga is a two piece band, members are Nikolay Seredov - Vocals, guitar and drums. Alexey Korolev Keyboards. Music style is listed as, depressive black metal.
Band location, Russia. Visit the band at this location.

Cosmos album released Final Gate Records. A force to be reckon with. The music is powerful and well arranged. This project featuring only two memebers delivers a massive amount of materail and imagination. At melodic and at chaotic. This volitile chemistry
is stiched together perfectly and wraps its sonic tentacles deep inside the mind. Songs like "Религия мёртвых" and "Космос" are perfect examples of  this expression. Production quality is very good. A cohesive and well produced album. Vocals are most certainly depressive and have a way of delivering a certain anguish and pain to every song within. 

In conclusion, a journey through the abyss. Pain and suffering expressed through chaotic hymns that deliver an impact.


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