Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Neter - Inferus

Neter is a four piece band from Spain, members are Manuel Gestoso: Vocals & Guitars, Andrés Rosales: Bass,  Manuel Sánchez: Guitars, Luis Ruiz: Drums 
Music style is listed as, death metal.

From the moment I heard the first riffs I was drawn in right away. The music is well planned and delivered in a brutal form. Catchy and melodic arrangements can be heard on all the songs. Rooted in the death metal pillars of original formulas but most definitely adding their own flovor to make their own brew of catchy and moving composition. Songs like "Atlantis of the Sands", "Rebirth of the Overthrown" and "Primordial Entity"
are amongst favorites from this release. Crushing drums with blistering double bass kicks and huge guitar tone bringing all together in a devastating package.

In conclusion, the band unleashes a crushing blow with every song. Each one building higher and higher making your blood start pumping. A must for any death metal fan who wants something brutal and well executed.

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