Asphyxiator pre show set up and walkthru

Behind the scenes of the band Asphyxiator setting up before a concert. Take a trip with me and see the process of setting up the gear and sound checking. This particular event took place at Wire in Berwyn, IL as part of Miguel's 34th B-day celebration.

Other performances included the bands Wounds, Lividity, Necrotic Disgorgement and Septicemic. Filmed entirely with the YI 4k camera on a small handheld tripod.

The arrival to the venue in the middle of winter after a storm the night before. The set up of the equipment. Guitar head, headphone amp, ear phones, mic, mp3 drum tracks, initial sound check and other set up scenerios can all be view.

Below is a list of the gear I used to capture this footage.

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