How to take your guitar pedals to concert performances and rehearsal

Musicians looking for an easy way to take their valuable pedals to a concert performance may want to check out this handy guitar pedal case from Mr. Power.

Depending on your needs a bigger or smaller board will help you get your pedals to where you need them.

Today I am showing you the guitar pedal case that I use to take my guitar pedals to gigs and rehearsal. This is an inside look and could be useful to many other musicians looking for sturdy carrying case.

I have had this on by Mr. Power for over five years or more and it keeps my pedals protected even on the road and in harsh weather conditions.

If you are looking for one and would like to see it in more detail you can visit this Amazon Affiliate link to view it in detail. Also if you do make purchase I will get a small commission from a qualifying sale which in turn helps me keep creating helpful content for you and others.

Also need to tell you that the board, velcro and extra wing ties are all included with the case.

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