The latest Egokills banger is called Life’s a Party - Watch the video here

Watch the music video:

The Finnish hippie metal superstars Egokills are back - bigger, badder & more dangerous than ever!

The latest Egokills banger is called Life’s a Party and it is a reminder of what life’s about in these dark times. The song comes with a movie quality music video, directed by the bands long-time friend Timo Lepistö and shot by Anthony Putkonen. The video portrays the band in its natural habitat, partying around their own camper van. Vocalist Janne Selo plays the main part.

Selo has also written the song. The banjo riff at the beginning is played by Egokills’ own guitar virtuoso Niko Viita-aho when the band happened to find a real banjo from Fantom Studio.

“The spring is in the air and I can hear the internal banjos playing. Life’s good!”, Janne Selo comments.

Third Egokills album is ready and will be released in fall 2023. Matti Lötjönen acted as the executive producer and Olli Anttila produced the vocals.

The release party of Life’s a Party will be held at Hönö Live Music Bar in Tampere, Finland on Feb 3rd. The band has not played a show in over three years and is about to play the best show of their career up to now.

“Experience Egokills like never before and be there”, drummer Vilho Rajala says.

 Listen to the single on music services:


Life’s a Party release party:

3.2.2023 Hönö, Tampere


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