Devil to Pay - Fate is your Muse

Fate is your Muse is the new album by heavy Rock band Devil To Pay. The album covers a long history of events that have transpired in the bands existence. From close to tragedy event in the beginning which hospitalized singer/guitar player Steve Janiak to many other ups and downs. Much of which can be read about on the bands official site. Now for the album. A great start with the track Prepare to Die, nice hammer on/pull of style of riff with a raw and punchy sound sets the tone smoothly for this album. Ten Lizardmen & One pocketknife, great title and reminds me of the early Black Label Society music but with much better vocals. "Wearin' you Down" a clean strumming riff along with some great lyrical content make this one to spin several times. Already Dead, probably my favorite track, from the start I am already feeling a great groove and vibe. I like being able to understand all the vocals and can appreciate the story being told. There are also some memorable guitar licks to make this song stand out even more. "Yes Master", guitar harmonies are the highlight for me on this one. "This train Won't Stop", much faster driven than the previous songs, yet another favorite for me. A great chorus line with dual vocalizing and ripping guitars, it lives up to its name and delivers in intensity. Black Black Heart, reminds me of old Corrosion of Conformity which I like. The Naked Truth, really like what the drums are doing on this song, lots of rolls and dynamics. This band comes from Indiana and have being writing their style of music since 2000. I like the simplicity of the songs and the raw heavy rock sound being projected. I think a vast audience of many ages and walks of life can find something to enjoy from a musical aspect to the lyrical content you just can't miss. 

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