October Tide - Tunnel of No Light

Released on Pulverized Records. "Tunnel of No Light" is the latest release from the five piece Swedish doom metal band October Tide, this is their fourth album. I had a chance to listen to this album several times now and ready to give you the results. Starting of with the production, clear, solid, well balanced. The first track "Of Wounds To Come" sets the mood. open chords and dark overtones dominate from the beginning. the bands that come to mind as I listen are old Desultory, Novembers Doom, and Paradise Lost. Our Constellation, excellent drum intro and captivating guitar riff. Emptiness Fullfilled, reminds me of the very early Anathema days, setting a mood of solice and despair. Caught in Silence, the warm guitar sound is pleasing to the ears as the drum compliment by not being to harsh or blasting, its a great arrangement. This band is what came from the Katatonia break up in 1997. Coming from a long history musically the album is the evolved elements from their previous releases. If you are into doom metal this is one to own. plus if you are a fan of Katatonia you are most likely to want to add this to your collection. For more info on the band and upcoming tour dates check out their site links below.

October Tide Official site
October Tide facebook


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