Sinocence - No Gods, No Masters Vol. 1

No Gods, No masters is the brand new EP by Belfast's Sinocence a four piece Metal, Rock, Thrash band which got their start in the late nineties. "A Coda of Self Slaughter" is the first song and its a perfect introduction. Production is good, a well balance of sound, guitars are clear and strong. "Long Way Down" a heavy bass driven start, I get a good sense of headbanging to this track, arrangements of riffs are complex yet effective. "Occams Razors" guitar harmonies are a highlight for this song and memorable passages, especially in the chorus, features clean riffing in which the bass compliments very well. "West of Eden", at times feeling progressive but not to much to distract from the song, reminds me of early Dream Theater or early In Flames. The vocalist can reach some high overtures with great ease, fitting perfectly with the rest of the instruments. By far the best song on this new CD. "Cruelty In Silence" ends my trip into Sinocence, aggressive riffs with a heavy bass pummeling the mind, we also hear clean guitars from time to time which give us a sense of arrangement that can be accomplished along with brutal riffing, solos sound great. If anyone is interested in more you can also check out their previous release "Scar Obscura" and you can find it on the bands official site.

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