Atra Hora - Via Combusta

A five piece band from Pyatigorsk, Russia. Atra Hora began in 2006. Album title Via Combusta (released on Daknagar records August 2012). An intriguing start to this record. The first song "Transmigrations" begins with almost tribal like drum rolls and a very nice bass composition grabs my attention immediately. Production quality is superb, this is apparent once every instrument comes in. Next up we have "Escape" guitars are doing great harmonies and remind me of early Paradise Lost but much faster paced, maybe even a dash of Catatonia in their influence. For being a young band these are extremely gifted musicians accomplishing some complex arrangements. Hronos, intriguing and captivating bass lines. This song has got to be my favorite from this album, spoken word as well as deep doom like vocalizing, there is much to be explored just in this single composition. Styx, mystical, like flying through the longest deserts of desolation. Mysterious and enchanting. Neo Aeon, is a song that has to be experience to completely understand its journey, at almost nine minutes long it is truly epic memorable piece of artistry. Stagones Tou Ematos Mou, melodic and doom influence in heavy parts of this track, later this will build into bass trading harmonies with a clean guitar that wrap it all together for yet another great song. Phobos, its amazing to hear how involved the bass is on most of this album, with so many other instruments the bass seems to implement some creative passages to compliment them all. "Enthropia", is the final track, bleeding from the last composition this a perfect way to encapsulate the progression projected by Atra Hora, I highly recommend this album for metal fans of progressive, doom, melodic and much more. I feel many will find something to like on Via Combusta.

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