Meadows End recently released a lyric video for Devilution

Meadows End has revealed an amazing and captivating lyric video for the song "Devilution" which comes from their upcoming new album "The Grand Antiquation" to be here on March 8th 2019 via Black Lion Records. Read more about it below.

The promo states:
Swedish Symphonic/Melodic Death Metallers Meadows End returns with their highly anticipated album THE GRAND ANTIQUATION.

Filled with everything you've come to expect from Meadows End, the band's fourth album contains all their cunning symphonic and melodic tricks. 

THE GRAND ANTIQUATION is forged from uncompromisingly delivered death metal, so full of groove and atmosphere that it makes it worthy of establishing the band both as a unique innovator of their craft and also a top player of the scene."
Video Production by titanforged productions

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