Heezer exclusive interview and new album Sungrinder

Welcome, Could you give us a brief description of the group?

Heezer is a band of four guys full of energetic stoner-rock.

Where is the band from?

South-Karelia, Finland

"Sungrinder" is the band's (first etc.) full album. How long did it take to compose and record?

We didn't have any songs ready, so It took us about six months to write and arrange all the songs. Recording the album took about 10 days in the span of four months.

What musical influences inspire the band's compositions?

We all have our own different influences and they all play a part in our music. I think you can hear bands like Fu Manchu, 1000Mods, Alice in Chains and Mastodon in our songs.

The group started in 2020. Can you tell us how did the members all meet?

Some of us have history together from other bands and how we got together was little bit by a mistake but basically we just started playing together and Heezer was born.

The new album title is Sungrinder. Tell us the details about the content and a more in-depth meaning to this title?

We had a lot of bad luck and many things went wrong while working on the album and overall it was a draining process. So we came up the cover idea of a tired man dragging a millstone because thats how it felt like working on the album. Lyrically there is a theme revolving around the sun so put those together and that is where the title Sungrinder comes from.

Are the current members of this project part of another band or project? Or is everyone dedicated solely to the group? How do you maintain a good balance working together?

Ville and Ville are also in a band called Kaatorituaali, Antti is a part of Lowburn and has other projects as well. Heezer is now the most active of all of them and the main project for all of us.

Have you performed any shows in your area? If so, how receptive and supportive are the people of your music?

We have had some shows and the reception has been pretty awesome. Support has been great and people really seem to dig our music.

Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

At the moment, we have a show scheduled for June and are actively working on arranging a few more.

Thanks for your participation. Finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the group just in case someone wants to book or promote the band?

Best way is by our email at heezerband@gmail.com, social media or our website heezerband.com

Heezer Bandcamp

Any final words?

Listen to Heezer!

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