Defiant Exclusive Interview

To my readers please give a warm welcome to Defiant.

1- Hello and welcome to Metal Music Midwest, first off, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, could you give our readers a brief description of the group? Where is the band from?

Kris: Defiant is a blackened death metal from Croatia, founded 2005.We started to play some kind of melodic death in the beginning but after so many lineup changes, Defiant evolved in more extreme version of metal.

So that was a good name for our first album "The End of Beginning",-Seems we knew we won't stick too long with melodic death. 

Now you can find a lot of various genres in our music, like black, thrash, dark, etc.

2- Vanguards of Misrule is the band's new EP, how long did it take to write?

Kris: It took me just a few weeks to write all songs and T.K. was jumped in very quick with lyrics, so we make the whole thing pretty fast actually.

T.K.: Right before the pandemic we finished writing our new album, so during the quarantine we pretty much never stopped writing, so Vanguards of Misrule was the spawn of that. A bridge between Insurrection Icon and the new album. 

3- What musical influence inspires the bands compositions?

Kris: Everything from pop to extreme metal, even some old horror movies was great influence for me.

T.K.: Same here, anything that feels right at place in your mind or something that really has its sonic identity. Same goes for the vocalists or even lyrics. We listen to a lot of different stuff. 

4- The group started in 2005, can you tells us how did you all meet?

Kris: After I got back from college, I found some friends from my hometown and then we started. There was lineup changes on each album so we always had some new guys in the band.

Today, with T.K.on vocals, Zoka on bass, Sead on drums and myself on guitar, we’re more stable than ever. 

T.K.: … and every album has a new vocalist so we broke that tradition finally with the last few releases. It’s a son of a bitch to find the right people for the band in the country for Croatia, although I think is hard almost in any country.  

5- The album title is Vanguards of Misrule, can you give us details about the content and more in depth meaning to this title?

T.K.: Vanguards of Misrule is our nickname which I came up with during the tour for the Insurrection Icon album, name came very naturally (read I don’t really remember) so it sticked with me for some time. Although I really did not have a clear concept for the EP it felt like a sort of expansion to Insurrection Icon so the name Vanguards of Misrule fitted quite right. It also serves as a tribute to LG Petrov from Entombed who died right at the time I was finishing the lyrics for the song. From that moment it felt I was writing that song for him. 

6- Each member of this project is part of another band, how do you maintain a good balance working together?

Kris: Sometimes is very hard because we are living in a different states but we managed to work together anyway.

We are all dedicated to this band so much and we're also a good friends so that is the most important thing to keep everything going.

T.K.: I was in three bands before Defiant, even in the first years being in the band I was combining time between the third band I was in and Defiant, but soon I realized how much of a lazy fuck ups they were so I concentrated all my energy to Defiant. 

7- Have you performed any shows in your area? If so, how receptive and supportive are the people to your music?

T.K.: If you asked me that a few years ago I would say that is easier to do a 5 day mini tour in Romania/Serbia that a one gig in Zagreb. Now it’s a bit easier, we are getting offers a lot since the pandemic ended.   

We are pretty much old cats in the Croatian metal scene so mostly they are quite receptive when we hit the stage, a mix of old fans and new fans which is always good


8- Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

T.K.: This weekend we are hitting the stage on Cahn festival in Slovenia, shortly after that we going a short tour in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. After that, Feelgood festival in Serbia but the dates are getting filled as we speak; yesterday we got an offer to play in a new metal festival in Zagreb so this summer will be busy for us. 

9- Thanks for your participation, finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the band, in case someone wants to book or promote the band?

T.K.: Thank you for having us, you can find us on social media, links are down below: 





Any final words?

T.K.: Support your local bands and stay heavy. 


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