Yayla - Nihaihayat

Atmospheric ambient BM from Turkey. Yayla is one man project with a high level of creativity. The embodiment of DIY spirit. He not only composes, records, mixes and masters the music he also hand paints all the cds and Yayla shirts. Emir Togrul takes us on a dark perilous journey into the abyss with this latest release, it is also part of a short film which you can view on the youtube video below this review.

Integumental Grasp lays the ground work for the deep perpetual darkness that awaits in the coming tracks. The most intriguing element of this song is in its simplicity, an effortless composition that somehow manages to hypnotize and lead us into a splendid void of curiosity. Through the Sigil of Hate, raw guitars, dark ambient vocals reminds me of Nortt or early Behemoth. Immortalizing The Nine begins with a deep vortex of vocals followed by a layered gritty guitar riffs to compliment this dark structure. Disguises of Evil is a long path through hell itself, a long procession of madness. In Senility is an elegant title for an enticing and elegant composition to leave us back to our earthly confines. 

Emir Togrul has been able to achieve a dark hypnotic trance like state with this latest release. If you want to check out more-look up his previous album Rohizolasyon from 2010. I am very impressed by the fact that this is a one man project considering every composition has you feeling like there are more musicians involved. I recommend this album for all dark ambient BM enthusiast. ~Artemortifica

Yayla - The Metal Archives
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