Centurian - Contra Rationem

Pure brutality slamming you in the face. Thou Shalt Bleed For The Lord Thy God, I hear an early Morbid Angel influence, the dual vocals are evil incarnate, very intense and aggressive. Crown of Bones, the drums are impressive to say the least, an assault of pure madness unleashed. Feast of The Cross, a complex collection of riffs strung together to twist your mind, this is death metal the way it should be. Judas Among Twelve, Seth Van de Loo (drums) is lightning fast on the double kicks, must be a hell ride to watch a live performance. Antinomium, hints of early Behemoth influence with some twist and turns to have you in the pit smashing things. Centurian has released one demo and three full albums since 1998, these last two on Listenable records who have a list of some brutal bands under their banner so no surprise to see Centurian on the roster. The Will of The Torch, the complex motion of the riffs and accurate timing is impeccable. Damnatio Memoriae, a treat to my ears, always great to hear precise riffing with uncommon time signatures that keeps the interest from moment to moment, hard to find that these days and Centurian does it amazingly well. Adversus, ends my journey through this labyrinth in hell, some dark overtures and incantations are accomplished here as it is fitting for the closer. 

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