MadMaze - Frames of Alienation

MadMaze is a five piece band from Italy, starting in 2002 and some line up changes this current release is on Punishment 18 with only one previous release in 2010 "No Time Left". My first time listening to this, I am reminded of the band Vio-lence or early Anthrax.  I am very impressed by the production quality, its very solid, clear and precise. Walls of Lies starts of this album with some riffs reminiscing of Nuclear Assault or Laaz Rockit with some tight drumming and intense vocals. The thrash metal genre has some big names to its roots so doing good thrash metal in this decade requires some high level of skill for it to appeal to the well trained ears of veteran fans, Madmaze is hitting this mark, maintaining originality yet staying true to the form. "Caught in The net is a song that's a perfect example of this featuring some dual vocals and complex riffing with some catchy verses. I have to say the production on the drums is incredible, I can hear every single hit with distinct clarity. Lord of all that Remains, great lyric content and I like the way the vocals get deep in this track, this song has some great attributes that are immediately sticking in my mind. MK-Ultra, mind control topic, very cool. Perfect balanced guitars as one can distinguish both left and right with great clearness I also enjoy the solo trades, you can tell there is some long practice sessions to accomplish this. Retribution is the last track, if you want speed this where you'll find it, one of my favorites tracks, the drums are doing some intense drives on this, guitars exhibiting perfect harmonies. The vocals go deep on this song too, a mosh starter at their concerts indeed. I highly recommend this album, never once did I get bored or felt like straying away, I stayed at the edge of my seat the entire time, I love the production quality, very pleasant to my ears.

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