Infernal Alchemy - Infernal Alchemy

This next album comes to me from South Carolina, alternative, ambient, experimental metal. My friend Danny S.O.D.D.( FB ) recommended this. Lets begin, first track "Countdown to Death" like a journey into the vowels of hell, great start, vocals are demonic and chilling like demons speaking tongues. "Silvertongue" very cool guitar melody happening here in its opening. "Breeding Pestilence" took me by surprise, wow great clean guitar riff, then into a perfect fitting brutal composition, this song will haunt me for many nights to come, by far my favorite. "Stay in your Hole" very cool title, clean riff in the beginning with chorus effect haunting and memorable, there are several layers of vocals which are done well like listening to the exorcist, cool ending on this one too. "Blood Runs Cold" lives up to its name, creepy and intense feeling on this song. "Worlds Collide" is the closer, sounds like a funeral procession in hell, a perfect way to encapsulate this mind altering album. The only thing that I did not like was that at times the double kicks were a bit over powering on some riffs, making them hard to distinguish. I recommend this album as it has lots to offer, from interesting vocal arrangements to riffs that take you into a dark journey, this one its worth checking out.
The Line up is C on Bass, Drums, Guitars and Vocals. Count Draclecarde on Guitars, Keyboards, and vocals. Released on Evergrim Recordings. You can visit them at:

Infernal Alchemy FB here
Visit Strings of Distorted Doom


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