Devils Rage - Rise of Insanity

Melodic death metal from Sursee Switzerland. The project began in 2006 as two members and are current a five piece beast. The first track from this EP is a clean guitar intro with some eerie voice samples, very good beginning. First song is "Because of You" catchy riffs starts nice vocal attacks, remind me of old In Flames or The Haunted. "Exit" much faster than the first song, aggressive riffs and more double kick action on the drums. The Devils Rage track shows great dynamics of the rhythm section, however did not build into anything else towards its finale. The band has moved to a couple of different rehearsal spaces in the past years and working on maintaining a solid drummer. This EP is a full conception currently with five members. "Glorious Liberation" is my favorite song of the entire composition, the riffs are memorable, although I expected to hear some solo work it never materialized.  "Inhuman" I hear a heavy Amon Amarth influence on the majority of this track, gallop style arrangements make this song interesting to my ears along with some harmonized guitar riffs. "Stupid" is the last song, in the middle of the song I hear some riff drops with drums maintaining the cymbal count, more of a newer approach to the style. There is much more to explore and I look forward to seeing how this band will progress in the coming years.

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