Necrocurse - Grip of the Dead

Pure metal flows voraciously through bodies of these Death metal rebels. The embodiment of their demons can be experienced in its raw form through listening to "Grip of The Dead". Necrocurse is a five piece band from Uddevalla / Ljungskile (SWE). Formed in 2004, this is their first full length album on Pulverised Records. The album intro is unassuming and leads into the first track "Necrocurse" a simple yet catchy guitar riff explodes into something that is death metal in its purest form. Its the kind of song that if you walked into a show and you heard it, you would immediately jump into the mosh pit. "Rotten in The Dark", a boot stomping style riff into a fast paced, sometimes thrash metal style drums pummeled your senses. "The Devil Cobra" has to be by far my favorite track from this album. An incarnation of everything metal from the very start, like a mad ride drinking whiskey setting things on fire hell storm. Full production was conceived at Sonic Train Studios with Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Melechesh, Hammerfall) capturing every note in perfect quality without loosing any of its raw death metal projection.

Previous releases by Necrocurse include “Chaos Carnage Cataclysm” 2010 was five songs, later released in 2011 on two 7″ vinyls  and “Insane Curse of Morbidity” by the Norwegian label Aftermath Music. The cover art for this current release is reminiscent of Slayer's Reigning Blood but much more vivid and involved, it is by artist  David Herrerias. Zombies reaching from the depths of hell to a burning sky, fallen angels, it is eye catching and fitting for the sheer brutality of music composed. "Morbid Maniacs" continues my deep exploration of the band. Bands like Entombed and Carcass come to mind as I listen. "Speed to The Grave" enjoying the sound of the guitars, its the style of early DM which turned me on to this scene in the first place and it's good to hear it still been manifested on this album. "Coffin Breakers" has some very cool solos along with some memorable passages that will remain in my skull for many months to come. My journey ends with "Infernal Rebellion" paving a devilish death thrash road and leaving many bodies in its wake, with a scream like King Diamond introducing this beast, breathing fire from riff to riff it is a perfect way to end this and leaves me wanting more. 

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