Echtra - Sky Burial

A truly unique experience. One has to suspend their hold on reality to be able to absorb every ounce of this musical journey. Without much information other then a live performance in Olympia Washington, to be released on cd/dvd through Temple of Torturous by the end of March. Echtra's style is described as atmospheric black metal, drone, folk, nature, but there is much more meaning of musical expression if you really take the time to listen intently and with an open mind. "Sky Burial I" is twenty three minutes long and has many elements that come together to create a compelling story without much words. You have to admire music that can hold your attention and create many passages to explore without turning away. Don't expect super blast beats or high vocals, this is more of a cosmic adventure through a black abyss in another dimension. Many layers of acoustic guitar with great production quality. The only bands I can compare with would be Nortt, Nocturnal Depression, or Veil-Suicide Winds. Echtra also has three other releases, "Burn it All Away" 2004, "A War for Wonder" EP 2009, and "Paragate" 2011. 

Sky Burial II is also twenty three minutes long. Much more drums are revealed on this track. Distorted guitar is applied at certain moments and fits perfectly without taking anything way from the atmosphere being created by the other riffs. The texture of emotion is prevalent and wraps its dark wings around your imagination before you are even aware it's taking place. Achieving a subconscious level of sonic projection, the song builds into a vast stream of malevolent forces. The composition is unique in reflecting its own manifestation through several layers of guitar riffs each intertwine exposing a solid entity that is comprise of all those elements without bleeding into each other and keeping within a musical arrangement that is pleasing to the ears. 

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