Ogenix - EP 2013

Ogenix, Electro/metal from Montreal Canada. A five piece band that began in 2001. The first song is Ignition/Fire, an unexpected start leading into heavy guitars an intense vocals, not growling but more like aggressive feeling and shouts. Decay, mix of synth and chunky style of riffing, its a great track, I hear the metal aspect of the band on this one. Rouge, drums are a highlight for this song as many styles of rhythms are applied along with memorable guitar arrangements. MKT, is a beast of a song- guaranteed to start a massive mosh pit. This song is my favorite from the entire EP it reminds me of an old band I still listen to, November17, Defy Everything and Trust No One. The End, final track into my exploration of Ogenix, a great way to close this EP and with a Fear Factory style of melody within it, its definitely going to be leaving the listeners wanting more. Be sure to also check out their previous release Cult. I recommend this EP for fans of Fear Factory, Static X, Rammstein, November 17 or God Forbid. You can also purchase their music through BandCamp on the link provided below this review.

Ogenix BandCamp
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